Ribbon Wizard

Ribbon Wizard


ws2812 RGB LED ARRAY Controller


‘Ribbon Wizard’ ws2812 LED Strip Controller

The ‘Ribbon Wizard’ connects your DMX controller to ws28xx RGB LED Strips and Arrays
  • Over 100 Operating Styles – solids, patterns, animations and rainbows.
  • Good color and pattern control using a single DMX channel.
  • Amazing control using 6 DMX channels!
  •  Full control using 12 DMX channels.
  • Operates LED strips containing up to 480 RGB dots, a full 8 meter strip, with individual LED control.
  • Multi-Dot & repeat controls, allow LED strips of almost unlimited length.
  • Multiple LED strips can be driven in parallel.
  • Power is supplied by the LED strip, no separate power supply to deal with.